La nostra associazione è diventa membro del programma della Commissione Europea “RAN CSEP – The Civil Society Empowerment Programme” che supporta le organizzazione della società civile del quadro delle attività della Rete per la consapevolezza sulla radicalizzazione. In particolare è impegnata nello sviluppo delle capacità, nella formazione, nella collaborazione delle organizzazioni della società civile con le società di Internet e dei social media, per fornire sostegno alle campagne di comunicazione progettate per raggiungere le persone vulnerabili e quelle a rischio di radicalizzazione e reclutamento da parte degli estremisti.

Incontro di lancio del programma RAN CSEP a Bruxelles il 15 e 16 Marzo 2017

Maggiorni informazioni in inglese sul sito web del RAN


Counter-narration for Counter-terrorism

The C4C Project, the terrorism survivors’ storytelling, is a global platform for resilience stories and radicalisation awareness. It is a cross national project, supported by the European Commission – DG Home Affairs (ISEC program), started at the beginning of 2013, involving several private, no-profit and public partners, but open to the collaboration of other interested subjects. The project aim – through ‘The terrorism survivors storytelling’ web platform – is to spread the stories of the victims to the general public and to specific target groups, by collecting, categorizing and giving e-collaborative tools and additional resources for the practical use of these narratives – for example, in educational programs for students and young adults, to empower people with a critical thinking toward hate narratives, or to prevent people from becoming attracted by or permissive towards violent movements, or to de-radicalize people engaged into a radicalisation pathway.
The project is proceeding along three main procedures:
1) The selection, cataloguing, digitization of the materials that contain survivors stories and testimonies, retrieved through the Italian and French associations of victims of terrorism with the availability of other European associations;
2) The design and development of a multilingual platform (The Terrorism Survivors Storytelling) that contains the archive (Global data-base) of the selected materials files. Some of these will be made directly available in their various forms of text, video, photos (Multimedia deposit). That digital material will be used for digital storytelling activity to create new communication/didactic products through the e-collaborative tools, currently on the platform. Furthermore the platform will offer some selected didactic and methodological resources to help its practical usage at the ground floor carried on by practitioners, teachers, tutors for educational/prevention/de-radicalization programs.
3) The enhancement of the strategic value of the C4C project and dissemination of its achieved results during the first two years of its life. A specific target will be a group of students in Italy and France who are going to test the platform and its e-collaborative tools.

See the YouTube channel on educational and prevention activities in schools